LENLAW helps

We provide legal support to individuals, companies and governments affected by economic crime – whether they are victims or defendants.

For injured or accused individuals

  • Our expertise is in white-collar crime and international legal assistance. We have continuously been advancing our education in this field.
  • As a former prosecutor we have the experience to lead an effective trial defense or know what is needed to represent victims successfully.
  • We have a well-established international network of contacts in the field of white-collar law.
  • We are experienced in amicably reaching agreements in criminal investigations by working out “agreements” if legally allowed and possible.

For injured or accused companies

We will support your internal investigations, advise you, deal with authorities on your behalf and represent you in court. We will lead internal investigations, will call on experts if necessary, conduct interviews, analyze money flows and summarize the legally relevant facts in a report.

We have the competence, experience and the network

We are extremely experienced and exceptionally competent in investigating white-collar crimes and in the field of international legal assistance. Our extensive network of financial specialists, former agents and additional lawyers provide not only the necessary capacity but also specific and tailor-made know-how.

For affected governments

We support affected state-owned companies or state authorities at obtaining legal assistance from Swiss authorities and defend their interests in Switzerland. As a so called "private plaintiff" government authorities will benefit of more effective processing and lower costs. We make sure that you will be able to exercise your rights in Switzerland and that you will be heard in court.

Do you know your rights as a claimant in Switzerland?

In corruption cases, you have a right to:

  • file charges for the purpose of opening criminal proceedings in Switzerland;
  • be informed of the object of investigation and get access to files in an already running or, as a result of your charges, prospective Swiss investigation respectively;
  • take part in the investigative process of the criminal proceedings;
  • a court hearing with the possibility of control of and influence in the criminal proceedings;
  • immediate enforcement of claims.

You need a Swiss lawyer

If you, as a representative of a foreign organization, participate in a Swiss criminal procedure as a civil plaintiff and want to insist on the above mentioned rights, you will need a Swiss attorney.

This is our job:

  • We support state-owned companies and government agencies affected by corruption and represent your interests locally.
  • We support you in international collaborative legal assistance and identify alternative enforcement options for claims of the directly affected (Asset Recovery).
  • We can perform forensic accounting, collect, analyze and prepare documentation for the presentation in court hearings in the claimant's country.
  • We will assist you with directly raising your claims as the affected in the law suit against the offenders in Switzerland and help you realize further claims as civil plaintiffs.

Your advantage when directly participating in the proceedings in Switzerland

Information about the object of the investigation and access to files

As an admitted civil claimant, the foreign institution has a right to be informed about the object of the investigation. This generally includes the right to inspect the examination files, which may also be copied as a rule.  This right to access files by a foreign state or foreign state-owned companies has been modified and limited by Swiss courts of law in an extensive and not always consistent jurisdiction, if there are pending requests for legal assistance in the same matter.

Taking part in the investigative proceedings

As a civil claimant, the foreign institution has a right to take part in investigative proceedings (such as interrogations) and access to corresponding files.

Legal hearing and possibilities of control and influence on the criminal investigation

As a civil claimant, the foreign institution has a right to a court hearing in all essential procedural steps (namely procedural dismissals, indictment, etc.) and to take a stand. Where applicable rulings can be contested at the Appeals Chamber of the Federal Criminal Court.

Immediate enforcement of claim for damages

The damage to be assessed, caused by the corruption and money laundering operations, can be immediately claimed during the ongoing criminal investigation, - not only against the bribe givers or the bribe takers, but against all complicit third parties. This includes primarily financial intermediaries (incl. fiduciaries and banking institutions). As a civil claimant, the foreign institution can file civil and criminal claims against all parties involved within the procedure; and in a first step this can be just rudimentary.

Lower costs

In a criminal procedure, the burden of proof for a guilty verdict and the amount of the offense is on the investigative authorities. As a civil claimant, this will be less costly for you than if you have to try to get the claim enforced at the civil courts where the burden of proof is on you.


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